Trader Joe's Just Recalled Its Popular Triple Ginger Brew Soda

Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's.
If you recently purchased Triple Ginger Brew from Trader Joe's, be careful! The grocery store chain is recalling all shipments of the popular soda.

Apparently the bottles, which feature an old-fashioned closure instead of a bottle cap, have been exploding before customers get the chance to open them. Due to the safety risk of bursting glass, TJ's is suggesting consumers be extra cautious with any already purchased bottles. The company recommends throwing the Triple Ginger Brew away in an enclosed container outside.

Triple Ginger Brew is no longer available for purchase. However, if you happen to have some at home, Trader Joe's will refund your money.

We hope TJ's gets the glass-bottle issue sorted out soon, because we're big fans of Triple Ginger Brew, especially during the festive season. For now, we'll have to be content stocking up on our other holiday favorites.

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