The 20 Most Popular Bakeries In America, According To Instagram

There is no shortage of food on the internet, from recipes to Yelp reviews. But few places have become as food-obsessed as Instagram, where your favorite bloggers, celebs, and friends can upload shots of their latest meals (inciting both food FOMO and hanger in their followers). And few foodie destinations are as photogenic as the bakery.

Instagram knows that when it comes to the top bakeries in the U.S., the competition is fierce. The social media platform shared its top 20 bakeries based on geotag with Refinery29, and the photos are almost as appetizing as the treats themselves. After all, who among us hasn't arranged our coffee and croissant just so to get the perfect shot at our favorite breakfast spot?

But the top geotagged bakeries in the U.S. prove that it's not enough to sell a picture-perfect cupcake, you've got to make things people want to eat, too. And, from the first to the last, these bakeries sell plenty of things we'd gladly share with #nofilter then quickly eat.

So what are the 20 most Instagrammed bakeries in America? Click through to see if your favorite spot made the list.
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Photo: Via @amyschulmaneats.
20. City Bakery

Homemade marshmallows not only taste better than the store-bought version, they are way more photogenic, too.
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Photo: Via @dabird808.
19. Bouchon Bakery
NYC, L.A., Las Vegas, and Yountville, CA

Bouchon Bakery is an excellent way to get your Thomas Keller fix without the hefty French Laundry price tag. No wonder so many Instagrammers are snapping up pics of its tasty fare.
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Photo: Via @ditut.
18. Martha's Country Bakery
Queens, NY

Macarons, croissants, and lattes, oh my! This French feast is basically our perfect brunch.
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Photo: Via @carolinehgroth.
17. Boudin Bakery
San Francisco

It doesn't get more San Fransisco than sourdough, and sourdough doesn't get much better than Boudin Bakery's.
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Photo: Via @christiejord.
16. Maison Ladurée

Ladurée's first U.S. outpost is still the gold standard for airy, dreamy macarons.
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Photo: Via @stirandstyle.
15. DK's Donuts & Bakery
Santa Monica, CA

This 24-hour destination doughnut shop is known for its inventive creations, like its version of a Cronut, topped with Oreos.
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Photo: Via @basicwild.
14. Amélie's French Bakery & Café
Charlotte, NC

Locals flock to Amélie's as much for its handcrafted drinks and pastries as its fun atmosphere — part Paris part Southern charm.
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Photo: Via @the96815.
13. Leonard's Bakery
Honolulu, HI

If Leonard's hadn't been around since 1952, we'd guess that the Hawaiian doughnut shop's logo was designed for its totally Instagrammable appeal.
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Photo: Via @foodiesday.
12. Levain Bakery

The line is often down the block with tourists and locals alike waiting to sink their teeth into Levain's massive, ooey-gooey cookie masterpieces.
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Photo: Via @eating_in_la.
11. Gjusta Bakery
Venice, CA

There are lots of reasons to snap a few pics at this bakery — like the baklava croissant (top left).
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Photo: Via @thereshecooks.
10. Tartine Bakery
San Francisco, CA

Citizens of the Bay Area don't need a passport to get pastries worthy of the Champs-Élysées — they just have to head to Tartine for its sumptuous treats.
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Photo: Via @valleyfattyguy.
9. Porto's Bakery
Glendale, CA

This Cuban bakery keeps fans coming with treats like this cake, made with layered sponge cake, ganache, and Bavarian cream.
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Photo: Via @heavinlilycakes.
8. Carlo's Bakery
Hoboken, NJ

Cake Boss has certainly risen the profile of this North Jersey standby, but we're sure even without the show people would still be lining up to take pictures of its iconic lobster tails, a flaky pastry filled with cream.
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Photo: Via @infatuation_la.
7. Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia is far more just than its iconic cupcakes — savvy eaters also know to order its beloved banana pudding.
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Photo: Via @laselmastyle.
6. Georgetown Cupcakes
Washington, D.C.

With over 100 cupcakes to choose from and six locations to visit, it's no wonder fans of Georgetown Cupcakes keep uploading their desserts to Instagram.
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Photo: Via @ihsagram.
5. California Donuts

This is the second 24-hour, L.A.-based doughnut store to appear on this list — a very compelling reason to move to Southern California if we've ever seen one.
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Photo: Via @b_morgan18.
4. Voodoo Doughnut
Portland, Oregon

Inspired by L.A.'s retro-cool doughnut scene, the founders of Voodoo Doughnut brought the magic to the slightly foggier lands of the Pacific Northwest, serving up delights like this Oreo-topped confection.
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Photo: Via @nicoley3.
3. Ladurée Soho

Fans of Ladurée would not be surprised to find not one but two of its U.S. locations on this list. Once inside its full-service location in the heart of Soho, it's hard not to snap pictures of the table-scaped visions of pastels and French pastries.
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Photo: Via @bianca_eats.
2. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Fans of Ansel's Cronut still line up around the block to try the iconic pastry. Of course they're also taking lots of pictures of the highly coveted confection.
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Photo: Via @parkjudypark.
1. Café Du Monde
New Orleans

Crowds have been lining up for beignets from this New Orleans institution since 1862, long before Instagram was a glimmer in anyone's eye. Today, fans arrive phones in hand, making the rest of us salivate with shot of its fried delights, and making it the No. 1 most Instagrammed bakery in America.

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