This Guy Defended Sex & The City 2 Using Star Wars

Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages/REX Shutterstock
Sarah Jessica Parker shouldn't have many regrets in her acting career, but even she seemed to agree that Sex and the City 2 had room for improvement. Show-lovers and moviegoers agreed.

But that might change after those people hear Billy Eichner's emotional — and slightly deranged — defense of the film on his show, Billy on the Street. Sarah Jessica Parker, his guest for the episode, can barely contain herself as Eichner's monologue defending the movie gets more and more absurd.

Although, he does make a great point. How do people watch and fall in love with science fiction movies like Star Wars, yet then have trouble believing that Kim Cattrall spent four weeks in Morocco?

“You can’t believe they go to the Middle East. But you believe in Chewbacca?!” he screams at Parker. Once Eichner cools off, the two keep the sex theme alive with a fun, holiday-inspired game that Carrie herself would have loved: “Santa’s Reindeer, or Sex App?”

In the end, SJP knows Sex and the City 2 is still awesome, regardless of the haters: "It did make an enormous amount of cash,” she adds. Say no more.

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