Some U.S. Soldiers Don’t Want To Serve With Women Who Have Their Period

Photo: Jung Yeon-Je/Getty Images.
Jokes about women having their period sounds like something you might expect to see in an Adam Sandler movie. Unfortunately, it's popping up in a much more infuriating place—the U.S. military. According to a Pentagon study, 85% of U.S. Special Operations Command members do not want women to join their ranks. While some of the guys might worry that letting women into their clubhouse could result in unspeakable things, like new pink uniforms, others have vocalized the number one fear of teenage guys in '80s movies—PMS. Some choice quotes from the study were mentioned in The Washington Post, among them, concerns about female soldiers and that "time of the month." "I think PMS is terrible, possibly the worst. I cannot stand my wife for about a week out of the month for every month. I like that I can come to work and not have to deal with that," a petty officer remarked. While a Navy SEAL explained, "I have a wife. She’s very independent. But when that time of her month comes, she’s weaker." It's unclear how exactly he gauges his wife's menstrual strength, or lack thereof. Does she slack on her CrossFit? When she slams her fist down on the kitchen table, outraged at her husband's sexist remarks, do the plates rattle ever so slightly? I look forward to the next survey conducted with potential female special op recruits, as they discuss their reservations about dealing with male coworkers who might share these opinions.

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