These 7 Hilarious, Boozy Christmas Cards Prove Being Single Can Be Fun

For the past six years, Bridget McCartney has been sending out playfully hysterical and sometimes raunchy Christmas cards to her family and friends. The 28-year-old's hilarious response to being kicked off of her parent's Christmas card went viral last year, after one of her siblings shared the collection of lonely girl Christmas cards Bridget had made. "Acting as the youngest child, I threw a fit and decided to do my own to get back at all of them," McCartney told Refinery29.
Now, McCartney has shared with us her latest creation, featuring a chicken, Lil' Molly, and a few empty bottles of liquor.
Her parents first informed her she would no longer be on their Christmas cards in 2009 because, as the youngest of five siblings, she was the only single child left. And, as they put it, she just looked "awkward" in their photos.
So, she sent out the first lonely cards in 2010 without telling anyone in her family. "It ended up being a big hit amongst my family members. My mother wasn't all too pleased with the drunk and lonely Christmas card," she said. "So, of course, I've done it every year since."
Fortunately for us, McCartney plans on keeping the tradition alive for years to come. She brings up a good point, too: What are the holidays for, if not getting a little drunk and embracing your single life?
We asked her for a few motivational words for all the other single ladies out there around the holidays: "You're never alone on Christmas as long as you have tequila — and a chicken," she told us.
Preach. And please, don't forget to add us to your mailing list for next year's card. We can't wait to see it.

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