This College Gave Its Students Over $400 To Buy Ammunition

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images.
Colleges often give student organizations funding. The Glee Club needs money for sheet music, the Ultimate Frisbee Club needs money for discs, and, apparently, the Students for the Second Amendment Club needs money for bullets. At the University of Delaware, members of the Students for the Second Amendment Club aren't just having discussions on the gun-regulation debate; they are learning, as club president Tyler Yzaguirre told Delaware's News Journal, "responsible firearm ownership, and we have to do this by learning how to load, shoot, and aim a firearm. One of the components of that is buying ammunition." The ammo can't be held at the college, and the money for the purchase was obtained when, as explained in a statement from the university, the campus gun-rights organization "followed the proper procedure; the Allocation Board reviewed the request and determined it met the necessary criteria for funding." Yzaguirre isn't happy that the club can't keep its bullets on campus. He complained, "Why should students need to keep their ammunition somewhere else when they want to go to the firing range? People don’t understand: Ammunition is useless without a firearm, and some nut isn’t going to come on campus looking in college dorms for ammunition.” The funding decision has prompted a mixed reaction, according to Yzaguirre, which makes sense. There are already plenty of perfectly rational reasons to fear another shooting on a college campus.

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