Top Chef Takes Down Amazon’s Dumbest Kitchen Gadgets

We all love a good kitchen gadget and, boy, are there plenty to choose from. But there are also so many that totally defy logic. Do we really need things like a Pizza Pocket or a QWERTY board waffle iron? Are the people who produce and own the patents on these weird gadgets really making money? (Am I in the wrong business?) Well, it seems that I am not alone in asking these questions. In a new video on The Daily Dot, chef Alton Brown rails against kitchen gadgets that he calls “Uni-Taskers…devices that are created for one job and one job only.”
Now, you might be wondering why a professional chef, with all his expertise, would scoff at kitchen gadgetry. But Brown does an excellent job of zeroing in on a few products that really are pretty pointless. And he is not alone in his ire: The Amazon reviews, which he reads out loud, indicate that plenty of people were disappointed with these purchases. Check out the hilarious video and see which gadget makes you want to smack your head in disbelief the most. (Mine is The Rollie, and Alton is with me. WHAT IS IT? And why, kitchen gods, why?

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