Uzo Aduba Is Simply Chilling As Hannibal Lecter

Here's a thought: Maybe the solution to seeing more women in meatier movie roles is to give them a go at iconic roles originally played by men. Case in point: Uzo Aduba recently took on the infamous "rube" monologue from Silence of the Lambs, delivering a truly terrifying performance that made our skin crawl. There's no reason a woman couldn't have played a psychopathic cannibal doctor who eats human liver with fava beans. The talent — and the hunger for more dynamic parts — is absolutely there.
Image: Courtesy of Glamour.
Aduba's Lecter scene is part of a larger video project meant to showcase female actors' ability to dig in. Role Reversal was launched today over at Glamour, and also features Abigail Breslin and Julia Garner performing memorable scenes popularized by male actors. Fittingly, the series was also helmed by women. Cailin Yatsko and Ani Simon-Kennedy of Bicephaly Pictures produced and directed each Role Reversal performance. Don't miss Aduba's creepy, incredible performance in the video below. To view the rest of the series, head over to Glamour.
OPENER IMAGE: Courtesy of Glamour.

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