This Orangutan Cannot Keep It Together After One Magic Trick

Remember Jelani, the gorilla who was so into judging your vacation photos on Instagram? Well, this orangutan needs to take a chill lesson with his fellow primate, because he just cannot handle a magic trick. A man decided to show a simple illusion to an orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo, and after seeing the result, the little guy just lost it — in the best possible way. First, the crafty dude places something into a cup and shakes it around. Then, after hiding the cup on the other side of the divider and tossing what's inside, he shows off the empty cup. The result? Pure joy.
Of course, this isn't the first time primates have been amazed by magic. Just look at these Japanese macaques' faces of pure amazement.
Still, to get an orangutan rolling on the floor laughing? We believe the below GIF is the visual embodiment of "literally dead." You might want to bookmark this one.
Opener image: GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP/Getty Images.

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