You Can Study Pizza Hut At This British University

Photo: View Pictures/Getty Images.
Manchester Metropolitan University
A question that has been stumping teachers since the beginning of time, whether their students are learning trigonometry or Shakespeare, is “When am I ever going to use this?” We doubt that will ever be asked in the classrooms of Manchester Metropolitan University’s new apprentice program with Pizza Hut. Students of all skill levels will be accepted into the program, which will run for the next five years and involve studies at both Pizza Hut stores and the university. Sounds like the perfect major, right? Foodies may wonder what you could possibly learn from Pizza Hut about the art of the perfect slice, while the rest of us are busy craving some stuffed crust. But the university won't just be serving up courses in pepperoni distribution and cold pizza plating. Students in the program will also study finical analysis, food production, and life skills, the Manchester Evening News reports. British skills minister Nick Boles told the paper that he hopes that more business will follow suit with their own apprenticeship programs, which are intended to prep students for the workforce as well as bolster the economy. If you’re not able to apply to this carb-loaded program, you can always study up with our favorite leftover pizza hacks. Who knows, you may be ready for the more advanced course of study: PhD (a Pizza reHeating Doctorate).

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