Santa Visits With A Little Girl Via Sign Language, Makes Her Day & Ours

Going to the mall to get your photo taken with Santa Claus is a tradition a lot of us grew up with. But what if you couldn't tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas because you didn't speak very well and you use sign language? That's exactly the situation the little girl in this video was in when her mom put her on Santa's lap at the mall and explains, "She can't speak very well." The jolly man with the white beard immediately asked the little girl's mother if she could sign and started talking to her in sign language. Try not to cry when you see the look of recognition and joy on the little girl's face as she begins animatedly talking with Santa in sign language. You can't fool us, mall Santa...we know you're the real deal. Coming across a sign language-proficient Santa Claus actually isn't an anomaly; many hearing-impaired children in the U.S. have the opportunity to meet with a Santa that speaks ASL. There are also mall Santas that speak Spanish and other languages. If you need a non-English speaking Santa, call your mall before visiting to find out if it has a multi-lingual Santa in its rotation. Opener Image: Mikael Buck/Photobox/REX Shutterstock.

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