Kylie Jenner Calls Gift From Caitlyn "Inappropriate"

Caitlyn Jenner
is nothing if not a loving parent and she's showing that love in a pretty one-of-kind-way in a new teaser for this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Caitlyn is shown giving daughter Kylie a set of underwear printed with a Caitlyn Jenner pattern on it as a birthday gift. The youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan was, understandably, a little weirded out for a moment about a bra and panty set sporting her father's face on it, but she handled it admirably.

“I only have a couple of these, and I’m going to give one to you," Caitlyn tells Kylie before pulling out the garments. "Are you ready?” The former Olympian presents her daughter with a bra, polka-dotted with pictures of her face all over it, adding, “And of course, we have the bottoms.”

Kylie speaks for us all when she jokingly yells "Stop!" and tells Cait, “This is way too inappropriate for me to wear. I have my dad on my underwear.” But while she insists she won't wear them — a decision that's probably for the best, as the Freudian implications would be too much for anyone to handle — Kylie also insisted on keeping them when Caitlyn offered to take them back.

And maybe that's just smart business: Caitlyn did say she only had a few sets of them — they could become a collector's item. (You can't pay for everything with lip kits, after all.)

OPENER IMAGE: Timothy White/E!

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