Kylie Jenner Hits Back At Dog Abuse Allegations

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Kylie Jenner took a proactive approach to allegations that arose this week that she has been neglecting her puppies. And she's doing it in as sweet and service-y a way as possible. Jenner came under fire after she posted a Snapchat video of two of her dogs, Italian greyhound pups. One of them, a caramel-coated cutie named Bambi, was said to look underfed, with visible ribs. L.A. Country Animal Control was notified and subsequently launched an investigation, which they do with every complaint issued. Of the incident, TMZ wrote: "...the Italian greyhounds are naturally lean dogs, and experts we spoke with didn't see anything out of the ordinary in Kylie's Snapchat clip."

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Kylie posted a video on her website in response, all about the loving way in which she cares for her dogs. From feeding and walking routines to treats, walks, and purified water, Miss Jenner is a proud, doting mama, for sure. “I am OBSESSED with my dogs," she writes on her site. "I love them like they are my kids. I feed them the best food, bathe them in the best products and show them love 24/7!” Among her tips: "I feed them cute, organic oatmeal treats," "I only let them drink purified water," and every day or so, she puts "raw, organic coconut oil in their food" to make their coats shiny. Bambi and Norman are seen in her arms in the spot and Bambi even nods off as she cradles her. "How could you not love them?" she asks. OPENER IMAGE: Katie Jones/WWD/REX Shutterstock.

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