Stop Everything: This Is The Weirdest Celeb Selfie Of 2015

Celebs: They sure do love to selfie. Whether at major awards ceremonies or on the streets of New York, stars are just like us when it comes to staring into cameras lenses.

But while we're used to seeing, say, Miley Cyrus trying to slip a nipple past Instagram on the regular, there are certain members of the glitterati that don't usually crop up in self-snapped shots. For example: We never would have predicted this recent #SelfieSquad. Even so, it might be the very best one of 2015.

Yep. That would be Seth Green, Clare Grant, Bob Saget, and Macaulay-motherfreaking-Culkin just chilling in Midtown Manhattan. So delightfully random, right?

Apparently the Fuller House star and the Saved actor are buds these days. Culkin — along with Green and Grant — went to see Saget's Broadway show Hand to God beforehand. And the rest is social media history.

OPENER IMAGE: Peter Brooker/REX Shutterstock.

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