8 Christmas Movies That Are Way More Problematic Than Love, Actually

Christmas movies, particularly the ones you grew up with, are often covered in such a thick coat of nostalgia that it's nearly impossible to tell if they're quality entertainment. And on some level, that doesn't matter. If you have fond memories of baking cookies and wrapping presents with A Charlie Brown Christmas in the background, it's always going to be a film you revisit in December.
But while you settle into your cinematic holiday traditions, you should take note of some elements that haven't aged well. Old school Christmas flicks aren't immune to the racism, sexism, and other problematic themes that pop up in dated movies. And of course, far too often, they come up in modern films too. After all, Love Actually, though full of meet cutes and even cuter declarations of love, has some serious issues with how creepy behavior toward women is portrayed. "All I Want For Christmas Is You," sung by a precocious child can fix most things, but not everything.
Some issues in these films are so glaring that perhaps you've already had a heated discussion about them. However, armed with a little knowledge, here’s how you can make the best decisions about your holiday viewing plans.

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