Something Fassbender This Way Comes

Michael Fassbender is a man of many talents. So many, in fact, that he tends to disappear into roles completely. Sometimes people are hard-pressed to name more than three films in which Fassbender has starred. This might be the reason that he's now 39 (as of April 2, 2016) and an Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA nominee, but it definitely took a while for Fassbender to truly gain international attention.
In 2001, he appeared in the star-powered miniseries Band of Brothers, yet his stellar performance went relatively unnoticed. It wasn't until Fassbender's four star-making performances in films that were all released in 2011 that people truly started to take notice. That was the year he appeared in something for everyone: Jane Eyre, Shame, A Dangerous Method, and X-Men: First Class.
Fassbender's versatility is truly mesmerizing, which is why taking a visual trip through his film canon can leave you feeling like you need to rewatch one or several of his movies — almost as if for the very first time. In honor of said versatility, we decided to prepare a little quiz that we call "Something Fassbender This Way Comes."
The premise is simple: Guess the Michael Fassbender role and movie based on just a close-up of his character's face. Can you do it? Click on through to find out.

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