Welcome The New Year With 10,000 Sparklers, If You Dare

Often, sparklers are considered safer than fireworks. On the Fourth of July, families can purchase sparklers, even in cities where fireworks are illegal to purchase. They're even considered safe enough for young children to hold. But lighting 10,000 sparklers at once is even scarier than it sounds. Russian YouTube channel Slivki Show decided to create their own fireworks display with 10,000 sparklers and the end result was both amazing and frightening.
The process was very complicated. It involved purchasing 10,000 sparklers, placing them in a tin with aluminum foil, and creating an ignition that would light it all up at once. The person making the video takes the experiment to an open field. It's too dangerous to be close to the sparklers, so he sets up a GoPro Camera on a giant pole to capture the action.
As soon as the sparklers are ignited, they create a huge explosion. It isn't as impressive as professional fireworks shows, but it's pretty close for a homemade version. It's also really dangerous. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission found that 16 percent of all fireworks-related injuries are caused by sparklers, so please, don't try this experiment at home. Just enjoy it from the safety of your computuer.

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