How Do Dogs Wear Pants? The Question Is More Controversial Than You Think

Did you manage to make it through the holidays without hitting on any touchy subjects with your relatives? Did you sidestep politics, religion, and whether Jon Snow is really alive? Well, it was all for nothing, because everyone from your uncle to your second cousin is about to throw down over this illustration that asks one controversial question. If dogs were to wear pants, would the pants have two legs or four?
The sketch that will spawn hundreds of Facebook fights was posted to Utopian Raspberry-Modern Oasis Machine's Facebook page yesterday. But this important philosophical question has been bouncing around online for over a month. In mid-November, after a Yik Yak user posed the query, BuzzFeed polled its readers asking whether dogs would rock more traditional-looking slacks or whole-lower-body pants. The results were pretty definitive: 92% of respondents thought that dog pants, like human pants, would feature only two leg holes. I think what we can all agree on, however, is that dogs seem pretty content without pants of any kind. Maybe we should leave it at that?

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