Kristen Stewart Thinks Social Media Is An “Empty” Distraction For Bored People

Photo: Lodovico Colli di Felizzano/WWD/REX Shutterstock.
If you're eagerly anticipating the day Kristen Stewart joins Instagram, well, her latest interview is going to really burst your bubble. Turns out we can add social media to the list of things the former Twilight star doesn't like. Stewart expressed her disdain for sites like Twitter in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her career's change in direction since her Cesar-winning performance in Clouds of Sils Maria. These days she's looking to steer clear of big-budget films that don't move her. She's also wary of feeding the obsession that people have with celebrities, which explains why she's dismissive of sharing her life on social media. "I've never fed into it," she shared. "I've never had a public Twitter, I've never had a public Facebook or things where people go on and look at your every move, like Instagram and stuff like that, because it's just so empty and distracting. "I don't understand how so many people don't view it as what it is, which is nothing at all. It's just nothing, all of it — it doesn't exist. And so yeah, it's weird — but it makes sense." According to THR, Stewart noted social media's appeal with "bored people" (their words, though it's unclear if that's a direct quote from her) and makes "a lot of money, a lot of hits on websites." We expect a rebuttal from Kylie Jenner by day's end.

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