Exploding Kittens Is The Game You Need To Know, But Missed, In 2015

Exploding Kittens just might be the best, and most bizarre, new card game you've never heard of. Then again, if the latest crowdfunding stats are correct, you've not simply already heard about it — you've bought it.

Bloomberg Business
reports that the third-biggest Kickstarter success of 2015 was Exploding Kittens. The card game launched in July after raising more than $8.7 million on the crowdfunding site, making it one of the year's biggest crowdfunding successes.
No animals are actually harmed in the game itself, which models itself after Russian Roulette. Here's how the game's makers describe it. "Players take turns drawing cards until someone draws an exploding kitten and loses the game. The deck is made up of cards that let you avoid exploding by peeking at cards before you draw, forcing your opponent to draw multiple cards, or shuffling the deck. The game gets more and more intense with each card you draw, because fewer cards left in the deck means a greater chance of drawing the kitten and exploding in a fiery ball of feline hyperbole." Sounds messy. And fun. Is it too late to get a NSFW deck for Christmas?

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