Watch Amy Schumer Absolutely Crush A Drum Solo

Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX Shutterstock
When Amy Schumer shows up at your club, you let her do what she wants. Such was the reality at Jazz at the Bistro in St. Louis, where Schumer stopped by for an impromptu comedy show and drum performance for the ages.

"I had a great childhood and I'm experiencing a lot of fame right now," Schumer says — put that on my tombstone — before launching into a drum solo that leaves a little to be desired. Basically, she plays drums like I played drums on Rock Band: extremely poorly.

Schumer even brings god into the equation, which either says a lot about god or about Schumer's relationship with her.

Normally we wouldn't be behind taping a comedian's performance without permission, but this is too good to pass up. It's not like Schumer will be releasing a drum-comedy album and was working out some new material. Although, to be clear, we would absolutely buy a drum-comedy album from Amy Schumer. It would definitely be better, or at least different, than all the sad indie boys playing guitar and telling twee jokes. Maybe she just invented a new genre of comedy. Only time will tell.


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