Laugh & Learn From The Best News Bloopers Of 2015

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of schadenfreude (for those who skipped German lessons or Avenue Q, it's defined as "enjoyment obtained from the trouble of others"). Because even if your year didn't end on the high note you had hoped for, at least your mistakes weren't captured on film, as with these local news blunders. YouTube channel NewsBeFunny has curated 15 minutes of 2015's greatest news bloopers. The clips cover a wide variety of reporter and anchor missteps, from off-the-cuff answers to poorly thought-out editing choices. There's plenty of classic off-screen cursing when reporters thought their mics were off. There are instances when getting tongue-tied over a perfectly innocent word turned it into an R-rated piece of vocabulary. Then, of course, there's the brilliant performance artist who managed to calmly weave the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song into a call to C-SPAN. These bloopers aren't just entertaining, they can offer some important lessons as you go into 2016. In public, always assume someone can hear what you're saying, and then speak accordingly. Consider possible double meanings when writing a presentation or speech. And, most important, if you do embarrass yourself, always be ready to laugh it off.

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