Aaron Carter Defends Himself After Tweeting About Breakup

Photo: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/ Getty Images.
Aaron Carter took to Twitter on Sunday to express his heartbreak over a recent breakup with an unspecified person. He shared a string of raw emotions in a lengthy message, which some Twitter users were quick to characterize as a "mental breakdown."

"Has anyone ever had their heartbroken so bad that they feel it in other parts of their body? Like cold feelings in your stomach, emptiness?" Carter wrote. "Love is the toughest thing I deal with in my life."

Carter's message is no longer on his Twitter account, but you can read the full post here. After posting the essay, Carter also posted a photo of himself crying, which has also been deleted. What remains, though, are some of the tweets he fired off to defend himself against those who criticized his heartfelt statements.

After being accused of having a mental breakdown, Carter tweeted on Monday that expressing himself through writing and sharing his feelings helps him be himself. And his statements make sense — as a pop artist, Carter is expected to share his emotions through music, so why should he be criticized for being honest on social media?

Despite his critics' harsh words (and his heartbreak), Carter seems to be doing pretty well — before the tweetstorm about his breakup and the fallout, he retweeted a photo that apparently was taken during his concert in Minnesota on Saturday night. Carter rocked out in holiday-themed pajamas, making it clear he has no room for haters, when he's on or off stage.

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