We Found Piecaken & It Is Everything

We all wish that we could eat two to three traditionally separate food items from the same general food family stuffed inside each other like a horrifying Frankenstein’s monster of cooking. For instance: The turducken, popularized by famous bus rider John Madden, has long been a holiday staple in the jokes of your most out-of-touch relative. “Turducken is a deboned chicken stuffed in a deboned duck stuffed in a deboned turkey,” Madden wrote. “And between the layers of meat are layers of dressing. So you slice it and you get turkey, dressing, duck, dressing, chicken. That’s really good.” Who are we to disagree? But, per Madden: “Tradition is always evolving.” So where there was turducken there is now piecaken. The grotesque simplicity of the unholy meeting of fowl has now been replaced by the elegance of baking a pie inside of a cake. You read that right. There’s not much to the idea. You take a pie, or multiple pies, and just bake those suckers in between some batter and frosting. Here’s a tutorial. It seems pretty easy. You should try it. And then give me some. Just invite me over. Say you know me from online. That’s normal, right? I mean, it is Thanksgiving, after all.

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