Here’s Everything Leaving Netflix In December

December 1 is around the corner, and that means it's the season of giving. But tragically, it's not all warm and fuzzy generosity. It's also a season of taking — the taking away of a whole lotta Netflix. It's a sad day, we know.
But look on the bright side: The Netflix keepers are just clearing space for the holiday gifts — a.k.a. new streaming movies and series — coming your way. If that doesn't quite lift your spirits, consider the fact that the long Thanksgiving weekend lies ahead, a veritable cornucopia of not just stuffing and potatoes, but binge-able hours, too.
So, what should you watch before it's gone? Old gems like All About Eve (1950), The Hustler (1961), and The Great Escape (1963) are perfect family-friendly fare for your clan's collective post-feast coma. (And let's be real, what are the odds you're going to seek those out on your own after they disappear from your instant queue?) Or, there are some more modern-day classics worth watching again, too, like Batman Begins (2005) and My Best Freind's Wedding (1997). One pick we suggest you skip? Silence of the Lambs (1991). Now's not the time to go wrecking people's appetites.

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