Adele Singing "Water Under The Bridge" Is Predictably Magical

What can we say? We just can't get enough of Adele right now.

Thankfully, Jimmy Fallon was happy to feed our addiction. Last night's episode of The Tonight Show saw the host playing a hilarious game of "Box of Lies" with the British singer, who, it turns out, is a truly rubbish liar.

Adele also took the time to gush about her love of Rihanna. She's psyched for RiRi's new album, but, in the meantime, girl's got her own new music to promote. Cue an energetic performance of her latest tune, "Water Under the Bridge," Needless to say, we're smitten.

"If you're going to let me down, let me down gently," Adele sings to her rather fickle-sounding lover in this tune about the threat of a breakup.

Aw. Who could possibly quit this gal? Watch the performance, below.
Video: Courtesy NBC.

OPENER IMAGE: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC.

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