Um, Who Sent This Graphic Dick Pic To Debra Messing?

Photo: Carolyn Contino/REX Shutterstock.
Listen up, creeps across the web. You cannot send a gross picture of your wang to actress Debra Messing and get away scot-free. Some wily Instagrammer thought it would be okay to direct-message an unsolicited full-frontal shot of his nasty bits to the 47-year-old star. Uh-uh. Messing swung into action, calling out the perv on Twitter and spreading the word that this is never an acceptable thing to do. "Someone sent me a DM of his very VERY large penis.... That's all," she posted on November 16. When a follower asked if she new the perp, Messing replied, "I definately [sic] do NOT know him/it."
But The Mysteries of Laura actress wasn't done taking the offender to task. On Tuesday, she tweeted a pixelated version of the photo she received, accompanied by a crystal-clear message for any men who think it's okay to send pictures of their junk to strangers: "RESPECT WOMEN. RESPECT YOURSELVES." See, it's pretty simple, guys! The Smash actress also overlaid the text, "Sending pix like this is NEVER OK." In following tweet she explained, "The picture came thru my Instagram Message Requests," adding, "It was unpixelated." Ugh.
It appears the offender goes by Big Dave, and he's not too happy with Messing for calling him out on his actions. He apparently asked her to take down the image, in a now-deleted tweet. Messing reminded the idiot that she's just propagating the dick pic he was so eager to share with her. (He apparently also posted the photo on his own Twitter account.) What's wrong, Big Dave? Don't like having your personal privacy violated?
Messing, on the other hand, is thoroughly amused by all the attention her stance against the social media assault is getting. "I guess when you say 'dick pix' all bets are off," she said. We're pleased that Messing took a public stand on the all-too-common issue of online harassment. Big Dave, get off the internet. You've just been publicly shamed by a former Will & Grace star.

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