This Woman Is The Most Patriotic News Guest Of All Time

Appearing on Fox News as a representative of American Muslims after a terrorist attack is typically going to be rough. But Saba Ahmed, president of the Republican Muslim Coalition, must have anticipated questions about her patriotism when she agreed to be a guest on a Fox News segment featuring a chyron that read, "Trump would 'strongly consider' shutting down mosques after Paris attacks." Most politicians and pundits signal their patriotism with subtle little flag pins or, at most, a festive red, white, and blue tie. Ahmed, who was there to debate Katrina Pearson, a Trump spokeswoman, opted for an American-flag hijab. After Pearson tried to defend Trump's statement by listing examples of individuals who had plotted terrorists attacks and had belonged to American mosques, Ahmed rightly pointed out, "You wouldn't shut down churches because there were one or two Christians acting badly." It doesn't look as if she changed Pearson's mind, but Ahmed did make it clear that American Muslims can love both their country and their religion. It's just unfortunate that she had to do something so ostentatious to make that point.

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