This Perfectly Timed Reaction Vine Made The Whole Debate Worthwhile

Photo: Daniel Acker/Getty Images.
We all tune into the presidential debates because we're involved, responsible adults who care about the political process. That's mostly true, unless a beautifully timed camera switch produces a glorious moment like this. A perfectly timed moment captured the reaction of this poor fellow in the audience, who must have had a gun lobby hiding under his bed as a child rather than the boogeyman. We're all for gun control, but we've never had such an intense reaction to the words "gun lobby" — no matter how frightening the statistics are. Did he just leave his phone set on too high a vibration setting? Is he actually Bruce Wayne and the words "gun lobby" make him flash back to his parents' deaths outside a theater lobby? Did Hillary Clinton guess the magic phrase that turns off all his electronic robotic settings? The world may never know.
Take care of yourself, you poor, frightened intern. You seem a little on edge.

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