What Emma Watson Hates About The First Harry Potter

Photo: Belen Diaz/ DYDPPA/REX Shutterstock.
Emma Watson was introduced to the world at age 11 back in 2001, as Hermione Granger, the beloved character she would go on to play in eight films in the massively successful Harry Potter franchise. Though she's done fantastic work since, those magical movies were her major Hollywood breakout. But, as anyone knows who's looked back at old photos or videos of themselves from 15 years ago, you'll definitely see some things that make you say, "Ugh!" (Put those firmly in the never to be #TBT-ed pile.) On the set of a photo shoot for Vogue Italia, Watson revealed she wasn't the biggest fan of one thing in particular about her iconic character in the first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: her hair. "When I see the images again from the first Harry Potter, I immediately think of how bad my hair was," the actress told the magazine. Which is ironic, given that Hermione's voluminous locks are one of the character's most distinctive features. In the book, J.K. Rowling often describes Hermione's hair as big, brown, and bushy. In fact, at the time, fans complained that Watson's hair wasn't bushy enough for the role. Well, let's have a look-see, shall we? Reality check: Emma, you were an adorable 11-year-old. And your hair is peak muggle 2001. And OMG, baby Hermione. Now, we're off to deal with the enormous wave of H.P. nostalgia you've just hit us with.
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

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