30 Times Harry Potter Totally Captured The High School Experience

Harry Potter may have taken place at a wizarding academy, but just because you spent your high school days dissecting frogs, not Mandrakes, doesn't mean you can't recognize your own HS experience in the HP films.

They had cliques. They had crushes. And they had moments of fear and dread so acute they might cause blackouts (though yours were likely caused by an AP Exam, not a Dementor). Maybe it's because Harry and company were played by actual teens instead twentysomethings, but the movies really do the high school experience justice.

Plus, Harry Potter GIFs perfectly capture those school-days feelings. These kids' expressions accurately distill the stress of saving the world (or doing calculus). And they know what it's like to not have such a great time at the Yule Ball (or prom). Be sure to have some on hand for throwback Thursday.

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When you and your BFFs were basically one unit.
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When your teacher gave advice that really seemed to belittle your problem.
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When your friend had a crush on someone who was THE WORST.
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When you tried — and failed — to follow your school's "no physical contact" rule.
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When a classmate you didn't like got called out by your teacher.
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When you signed your bestie's yearbook on the last day of senior year.
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When you turned to your partner before a group presentation you were not prepared for.
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When the teacher only seemed to call on you on days you didn't do the homework.
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When you had to save your friend first, and deal with the bullies later.
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When you realized that school beat home by at least a little, if only for having no parents and a decent vending machine.
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When someone tried to overrule the smartest kid in the group.
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When your friends came along for moral support to your audition for the school play.
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When you had to run the mile in gym class.
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When you tried to convince a friend not to stress so much about the SATs.
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When you found out you got into that AP class you wanted.
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When they banned bake sales and soda in the vending machines.
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When your teacher tried too hard to make your classroom seem "festive."
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When you find that one homework assignment at the bottom of your backpack on the last day of school.
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When you know going into a test that you're 100% going to fail.
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When a teacher kept talking about something she had already confirmed wasn't going to be on the test.
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When something was on the test the teacher promised wouldn't be.
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When an adult told you you definitely wouldn't need that subject once you left school.
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That point during finals when you lose all sense of reality.
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When your friend said she was skipping sleep, breakfast, and the latest episode of Gilmore Girls to do homework.
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When you realized you had to save one of your classmates attempting to answer a question from themselves.
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When you fell asleep during class and woke up at the sound of the bell.
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When you looked at the walls of the bathroom stalls.
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When you felt like everyone was getting asked to prom except you.
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When someone suggested you'd look back fondly on your high school days.

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