30 Times Harry Potter Totally Captured The High School Experience

Harry Potter may have taken place at a wizarding academy, but just because you spent your high school days dissecting frogs, not Mandrakes, doesn't mean you can't recognize your own HS experience in the HP films.
They had cliques. They had crushes. And they had moments of fear and dread so acute they might cause blackouts (though yours were likely caused by an AP Exam, not a Dementor). Maybe it's because Harry and company were played by actual teens instead twentysomethings, but the movies really do the high school experience justice.
Plus, Harry Potter GIFs perfectly capture those school-days feelings. These kids' expressions accurately distill the stress of saving the world (or doing calculus). And they know what it's like to not have such a great time at the Yule Ball (or prom). Be sure to have some on hand for throwback Thursday.

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