3 Ways You Can Emojify Your Desktop Computer

Photo: Courtesy of EmojiWorks.
This one's for everybody who's yearned for emoji flair on their desktop computer but refused to copy and paste individual information-desk people, splashing sweat symbols, and "aubergines" to make it happen. Peasant work, they said. For all of you with principles, we bring you three ways to end your long-standing emoji stalemate.

1. EmojiWorks Emoji Keyboard
has developed a keyboard with emoji shortcuts on just about every key. It's available for preorder now, with prices ranging from about $50 to $100, depending on which of the three models you choose — the price (naturally) rises with how many emoji come on the keyboard. Which keyboard you choose reflects what you value in your emoji. Are you a classic girl-next-door who sticks to the face with tears of joy and the hundred-points symbol? Or do your champagne tastes dictate that you get the pro keyboard, for the sake of that face with the medical mask?

2. Mac Emoji Keyboard Shortcut
Of course, Mac users who were truly committed to emoting anytime, anywhere, already knew of this iOS-specific emoji shortcut — but don't worry if you missed it. With your cursor in a text field (like an email or tweet compose box), press control, command, and the space bar at the same time to bring a floating emoji menu up alongside your text field. Scroll to find the emoji of your choice — or type in a search term, like "rabbit," to pull up only the emoji that correspond to that word. This is a whole lot cheaper than that emoji keyboard, but for rapid-fire emoji die-hards, it's certainly not as efficient.

3. Stickers
Finally, a low-tech attempt at EmojiWorks' keyboard can be made with stickers from Etsy vendor EmojiKeyboard. This is a great choice for people who prefer to take their time with their emoji choices — and want to keep up appearances that they're hip with how the teens communicate.

Of course, the classic, colon-parenthesis happy face emoticon will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our emails, AIM exchanges, and .docs wouldn't be the same without it. But it's always great to have something with a bit more pizzazz at our disposal. 😻 🙌🏼🍻

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