Today’s The Last Day To Shop Everyone’s Favorite Indie Nail Polish

Update: Today is the last day to stock up on Rescue Beauty polishes, the brand tweeted this morning. Head over to the site and get to buying before it's too late.
This story was originally published on November 5 at 2:15 p.m.
Just yesterday, Rescue Beauty Lounge founder, Ji Baek announced on her blog that the company she started at 28 was closing down soon.
"Creating Rescue Beauty Lounge has been hands-down the most rewarding experience," Baek wrote. "I’ve decided to move forward to my unknown next chapter. I am shutting the doors of RBL. Please know that this was a difficult decision."
Why shut down a 17-year-old brand that's beloved and whose personalized R29 line garnered over 200 comments of praise on our very own site? Baek tells us that she was simply ready for a change. "This year has been about beginning and ending for me," she says. "Filled with strange, brilliant, and humbling experiences." She stopped smoking, started running, and has coined Central Park her "daily elixir." Also, she went back to school, has made peace with her body, and is realizing what's most important in life: to enjoy and really live it.
"[The] RBL community is full of [the] most beautiful, passionate people... it’s been a wondrous glorious ride. I cherish every single person that’s been connected to the brand, and it’s my wish to exit on a high note when RBL is so loved," she says. "And this year symbolizes that for me, to close this exquisite, magnificent circle."
As for the future of the nail polish industry, Baek thinks it's become oversaturated: "Who doesn't have a nail polish line?" she laments. Her only wish? That nail polish makers focus on quality rather than quantity. "It’s always been my crusade that nails are the democratic part of our body — sizeless, genderless, and raceless," she says. "Someone just wrote me this amazing email that they learned to love one part of their body from my book, which was her nails, and it grew from there to her other parts. I think it’s [a] beautiful way to connect with yourself, you can do it [by] yourself at home—no fanciness required." Just take good care, she concludes, of both your nails and yourself.
Ahead, Baek shares some of her favorite shades from her RBL reign. Make sure to visit the site to stock up on polishes of your own, while you still can.

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