Amy Poehler & Carrie Brownstein Peform An Impromptu Bookstore Wedding

Last night, Amy Poehler and Carrie Brownstein were onstage at a bookstore in Pasadena, talking about the Sleater-Kinney musician's new memoir, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, when they got an unexpected question from a young couple in the crowd. Kendall Oshiro and Genevieve Hernandez wanted to know if Brownstein — who happens to be a licensed wedding officiant — would marry them, right then and there. In true rockstar fashion, Brownstein granted the request, along with Poehler, who handed the women a bouquet of flowers snatched from the stage.
She then sprinted to the piano to begin playing "Greensleeves," a.k.a. our new favorite substitute song for "Here Comes the Bride." (Thanks for that one, Poehler.)
Then, Brownstein made an incredible little speech, which you can hear in its entirety in the video below. Perhaps the most moving moment was when the singer told the couple that “In the way that we always root for ourselves, in the way that we root for love to always win out over despair, for hope to win out over fear, all of us here are rooting for you.” And, of course, she ended the spontaneous nuptial production precisely how you'd expect: “With the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you married." If you need a little warm fuzzy pick-me-up today, we highly recommend tuning into this impromptu ceremony.

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