Your Horoscope For This Week — Nov 01 2015

Valentine’s Day, Schmaletine’s Day. Cupid’s got the love game on lock this week, with the cosmos backing him up every step of the way. On Monday, November 2, Venus and Mars hold a meet-cute, pairing up for an exact connection in Virgo. Although this is a somewhat rare occurrence, this is their last of a trio of meetings in 2015. The others took place on February 20 and September 4, so flip back in your calendar to see what was going down then. This week’s events could be the icing on the cake. Question: will that be a buttercream-frosted wedding cake or a slice of humble pie? With the Mars-Venus tête-à-tête taking place in Virgo, we might have to clean up some drama from earlier in the year in order to keep our relationships on point. And slow down! Modest Virgo is all about tradition and old-fashioned courtship rituals. It could get downright Downton Abbey out there this week. Enjoy the will only make the combustion that much hotter.
On Sunday, Venus checks out of the honeymoon suite and moves on to Libra until December 4. Since Venus is actually Libra’s ruling star, this will be a mighty romantic phase, as well (and Mars will join her again next Thursday, the 12th). Wardrobe! Styling! Venus is the zodiac’s fahionista. Parked in Libra, we’ll be inspired to add more color and flair to our daily selections. Turning heads is the first step to winning hearts.

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