Cookie’s Most Out-Of-Control Outfits, EVER

Let's be real here. The No. 1 reason any rational person watches Empire on Fox is for one person only: Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson).
The Lyon family matriarch is a multidimensional powerhouse who's as likely to hit you with a broom stick as she is to pull you into a fierce hug. And the best reflection of Cookie's personality is her wardrobe.
“You’re looking at a woman who was living for 17 years in an orange prison suit,” Henson told the The New York Times. “She had all that time on her hands to think every day of her life, ‘When I get out, what am I going to wear?’”
Her style is street-savvy meets the runway. There's no animal print too loud, no fur coat too bold, no hat or scarf that Cookie Lyon is too afraid to try.
Cookie proves that there's no occasion too low-key for leopard print, gold hoops, and a hat cocked to the side. As her star rises in the music game, and she grows richer, Cookie maintains her charm and style. And for that, we praise the music gods above. Cookie: May your mixed-print game remain strong and your Lyon Dynasty remain stronger.

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