Kylie Jenner Might Break The Internet

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When people think “Most Successful Kardashian,” they immediately think of Kim. The second-oldest Kardashian sister has been famous seemingly since the inception of the Internet, and has the track record of success to prove it. Her app has been downloaded 477,000 times as of September 22 and her derriere broke the Internet.

But her little sister Kylie is lapping her, at least in the app department. Her app saw 1.75 million downloads in the first week of activity alone, more than three times second place Khloe’s.

When Time named her one of its 30 Most Influential Teens of 2015, the magazine got Jenner, 18, to spill some of her app secrets.

"Kim is so inspirational and she has the biggest drive," Jenner told Time. "She’s so dedicated, she’s so smart, she’s such a businesswoman, and she’s always doing something and thinking of new ideas. She has inspired me to have a great work ethic."

Jenner said that the demographics of her fans could be the reason behind her megaviral app sensation.

"Kim’s older, she has a different fanbase," Kylie said. "And she’s also — the difference between our apps is hers is very perfect. It’s simple, everything is black and white. Mine is more, I invite the cameras over and say, 'Oh, hey, let’s just do this.' We do makeup tutorials and I’m laughing and talking. I know my fans are my age or younger than me, so I just like to show my personality and show my fans my home and my dogs. I get really personal. I’m on Snapchat, and I’m just like them at the end of the day. Kim’s more private. She has kids. It’s just different."

She said that her goal with the app is to shrink the distance between her and her fans; sometimes she wishes she had a more normal life.

"That’s where my app ties in,” she told the magazine. “I have all my outfits on there that I wear day-by-day and that I’ve worn in the past. And below it I’ve put — I find dope clothes that are looks for less. They look exactly like my clothes but cheaper, more affordable too. I love doing stuff like that. I’m always down to share my secrets, share my beauty tips. Most of the stuff my fans never knew I get from CVS and stores like that. It’s fun sharing all the stuff that I use! I don’t use crazy stuff. There’s always ways to do it for less."

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenners said that she wants to give her fans a vision of their best self.

"I just want to inspire my fans to be whoever they want to be, because that’s what I’ve always done,” she said during the Q&A. “And they know that. I’ve been experimenting with my hair, with my lip colors. I have green hair one week, blue hair the other. I’m Gothic another week. I’m always experimenting and trying to figure out who I am and exactly what I want to be. I feel like it inspires them to be exactly who they want to be."

Jenner acknowledged her family’s importance to our culture, seeming a little bewildered by the entire experience..

"I think people expect a lot out of us," she told Time. "Whether we’re influential for one reason or another, it is what it is. I know how influential I am over my fans and followers. I feel like everything I do, my hair color, my makeup, I always start these huge trends, and I don’t even realize what I’m capable of."

Jenner’s app topped the iTunes chart following its launch in September. She’s used the app to showcase her $2.7 million home, makeup tips, and other visions into the good life.

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