Good Grief! Matt Lauer & Al Roker's Peanuts Costumes Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Photo: Courtesy of Heidi Gutman/NBC.
Halloween is chock-full of nightmare fuel, from the horror movie marathons airing around the clock to the house your neighborhood swears is haunted year-round, anyway. But nothing could have prepared us for the deeply disturbing Halloween 2015 edition of the Today show. Simply bone-chilling stuff, and it was all before any of us had our morning coffee.

The morning news correspondents, who are known for their outrageous costumes (including that time Lauer and Roker dressed up like J.Lo and P. Diddy at the Grammys), truly outdid themselves this year. Not only were they unintentionally terrifying, but they quite possibly marred some of your childhood memories in the process. Not a small feat, guys.

This year, the co-hosts dressed up as the Peanuts gang. But like, a botched, off-brand Times Square edition of the beloved characters — and the proportions were just all wrong.

Al Roker dressed up as Charlie Brown, Matt Lauer as Lucy (you know, the one who takes the football away), Carson Daly as Linus (perfect choice here, TBH), Natalie Morales as Marcie, Tamron Hall as Peppermint Patty, Willie Geist as Schroeder, and Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford as Snoopy and Woodstock, respectively. Even former Today show co-host Meredith Vieria came back to dress up as the most unsettling Pig Pen you've ever laid eyes on.

Check out the full photo below, if you dare. Good grief, indeed. In case your love for Charles Schulz's little ones hasn't been fully upended, The Peanuts Movie is coming to theaters November 6.

Photo: Courtesy of The Today Show.

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