Fiorina Used Her Opening Line To Shut Down Sexism

Photo: Robyn Deck/Getty Images.
Carly Fiorina kicked off the GOP debate on Wednesday night with a cutting line about sexism. All the candidates were asked about their biggest weaknesses. And while most dodged, Fiorina answered. "Gee, after the last debate I was told that I didn't smile enough," she said, and then beamed. It was a subtle, but poignant, reminder of how she's treated differently as the only woman on stage. Fiorina went on to make a more somber point, noting that these are "serious times" that call for serious leadership. Though she didn't explicitly call out sexism in the media and among viewers, the subtext of the line was very clear. Fiorina has had to deal with GOP sexism more directly in the past. During the last primary debate, she was forced to comment on an insulting Donald Trump quote, wherein the candidate mocked her appearance. "Women across America heard what Donald Trump said," Fiorina commented to thundering applause.

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