A New Mexico Man Killed A Friend Who Was "Becoming A Zombie"

Photo: Frank Duenzl/AP Photo.
A fan of The Walking Dead lost touch with reality and the result was tragic, this past week. According to the Grants, New Mexico police, Damon Perry, 23, has been charged with the murder of Christopher Paquin, also 23 years old. Perry is reportedly claiming he killed Paquin because he believed Paquin was becoming a zombie. Both Perry and Paquin were said to have been drinking when the fatal beating occurred.

Perry allegedly punched Paquin and beat him with large items, including an electric guitar and a microwave. He is reported to have explained his actions by saying he had been binge watching The Walking Dead. Moses Marquez, a police department spokesman told The Daily Beast, "He seems remorseful. He’s had the time to sober up and realize what has happened, and he has expressed remorse." We contacted AMC, but have not received a statement from the network about the incident.

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