Grammar School Teacher Dons Blackface For Offensive Kim & Kanye Costume

Photo via Imgur.
An Alabama elementary school teacher who dressed up as Kanye West has apologized for wearing blackface to a Halloween party, according to local news channel WHNT News 19.

Heath Morrow posed for a picture in full Kanye costume alongside his wife, Shannon, who seems to be dressed up as Kim Kardashian-West. Her costume mainly consist of an ample rear, while his was topped off with a sign reading "Kanye for prez 2020."

Shannon Morrow is reported to have shared a photo of herself and her husband to her Facebook page, where it quickly began garnering attention. (The photo has since been removed.) According to, the image was originally posted with the following caption: "Haha some people thought Heath was really a black man."

Earlier today, Ed Nichols — superintendent of Decatur City Schools, where Morrow is employed — read the fifth-grade teacher's apology letter aloud during a press conference. Nichols declined to comment on whether Morrow lost his job over the incident. So for now, we'll just have to wonder if DCS thinks someone who finds blackface funny is really up for the job of shaping young minds.

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