A Kentucky Couple Who Sued Kim Davis Get Their Happy Ever After

Photos Courtesy of the ACLU
After all the media coverage, the Rocky anthem making an appearance, and the odd papal controversy, we almost forgot about the real people affected by Kim Davis' stand against marriage equality last month. Now, we get to witness a happy ever after that was only temporarily stalled by the Rowan County Clerk's protest: April Miller and Karen Roberts had their wedding ceremony in Morehead, KY, on Saturday night, according to the Associated Press. It had been nearly four months since their first application for a marriage license was refused.

Miller and Roberts are one of three couples suing Davis for her actions, which drew national attention in September when she was jailed for contempt of court. But at the ceremony on Saturday night, they asked their 125 guests not to mention Davis' name. Their vows included promises to love each other "in joy as well as sorrow, triumph as well as defeat," and they received a standing ovation when they said, "I will."

Technically, the couple, who have been together for 11 years and have a disabled daughter, already got married in a quick, private ceremony the week after Davis was sent to jail and a deputy signed their license. This Saturday night saw the celebration they'd planned, with guests including many they met during their months of protesting outside the clerk's office.

"It's been an amazing journey and we'd like to thank all the people who stood with us from June 30 to today," Miller said. "This is your party, too."
Photos Courtesy of the ACLU

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