Poot Lovato: The Most Bizarre Thing To Happen To The Internet This Week

By now, many of the original memes have been shut down. But, for reasons we have yet to decipher, this week the internet bequeathed Demi Lovato a sister named Poot, who — as modern legend has it — has been in hiding her whole life and was only recently was allowed into the light.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you: Poot Lovato.

Who is Poot? According to the Tumblr user Cstcrpt, who created and delivered her into the world — and has deleted their account since Poot went viral — she is "Demi's twin sister, separated at birth. She was locked in a basement her whole life."

Since its inception, Poot mythology has evolved to a much longer tale about how she was shunned by her family for being a weird little kid, which is pretty sad when you think about it. Poot even got her own Wattpad entry, titled "Delete it, fat!"

Did we mention someone made Poot an official Twitter account?
Turns out, the fictional sister of Demi Lovato has the manners of a feral wildebeest. We foresee this getting shut down very soon, if the singer has anything to say about it.
And, while there are obviously some hilarious memes that came out of the whole Poot thing, at this point we're a little concerned that this is all a stunt geared toward harassing Demi Lovato, who hasn't been engaging on social media at all with whoever is behind this.
This isn't the first time that the secret sibling of a celebrity has been conjured out of thin air. Back in 2003, The Onion released a story about how the Olsen twins were actually the Olsen triplets, one of whom was kept in the basement to live in squalor. Her name was Ethel, and like Poot, she was not real.

Unlike Poot though, Ethel didn't go viral on the internet or troll her famous siblings. Poot might be funny. But, we're pretty sure she's up to no good.


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