Will The New Beyoncé Tell-All Nick Her #Flawless Image?

Photo: David Fisher/Rex/REX USA.
It's not the first time salacious rumors have been lobbed at Queen Bey, but a forthcoming "tell all" book plunges to new depths of nasty gossip, judging by the Daily News's first look at the biography. Cheating accusations against husband Jay Z, faux drama shadily orchestrated by PR reps for media attention, tragic family estrangement: We've heard it all before.
The tabloid rumor mill has been churning out baseless stories about the power couple for years now. Jay Z & Beyoncé On The Rocks! — how many times has that headline barked for your attention? But the unfortunate truth is that we already know the book is bound to get a lot of attention in the media, as do most inflammatory rumors of celebrities' affairs and failed marriages.
Well, here's what else we know for sure: Beyoncé and Jay Z have been married for over seven years now. They have a child together. Based on paparazzi photos and their social media accounts, they go on dinner dates, attend parties, and take family vacations together on the regular — just like any normal family. (Okay, so most couples' date nights aren't at the trendy restaurant/clubs/bars they own and your average family vacation doesn't involve an opulent yacht or the beaches of Havana. But you get the point.) The couple is also known for its musical collaborations on the stage and in the studio, the most recent being the Tidal concert in Brooklyn on Tuesday.
Now all this isn't to say we've read the book and debunked every line. (Nor would we ever waste our time doing so.) We wouldn't claim that the couple has the most perfect marriage there ever was, either. What we are saying with complete confidence, though, is quite plainly that it seems like an awful lot of work to keep up such an elaborate charade for so long. People have been infiltrating Beyoncé's private life for years now, poking and prodding in the hopes of digging up the smoking gun — anything scandalous or embarrassing enough to prove the singer's not the flawless icon pop culture has made her out to be. Alas, no smoking gun.

Maybe most telling of all though, is the fact that Beyoncé doesn't dignify the mudslinging with a response. Notoriously private, she hasn't given an interview in two years and doesn't embroil herself in social media wars the way other celebs so often do. She's so quiet, in fact, that outlets have started claiming they've interviewed Bey when they haven't. So we can't help but wonder: Will this book be the gossip storm that makes Beyoncé say "enough?" Will its claims be taken seriously enough to threaten her reputation? Will the conversation evoke a rare response from the star? Only Bey knows.

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