Watch Beyoncé Tell Her Assistant To “Stop It”

"I'm not bossy. I'm the boss." "I'm a grown woman / I do whatever I want." "Stop it." Beyoncé has made all of these statements, and you know what? Fair play to her. She is a grown woman. She is the boss. And if a wardrobe assistant is going to take her sweet time fiddling with Bey's plunging dress in the middle of a step and repeat, it's well within her rights to shut it down. It just so happens that her request for said assistant to "stop it" was on caught on camera. To her credit, the assistant quickly moved away, leaving Queen Bey free to pose for the paps. To Bey's credit, she uttered the order with a smile on her face. Some commenters are chiding the pop star for her "bad attitude," but she's not doing anything any teenage girl on the planet hasn't done to her mother while posing for prom pictures. And if Jay Z had done the same, no one would bat an eye. In other words, let's save the Miranda Priestly comparisons for a day when Beyoncé, like, elbows Nicki Minaj off a stage or asks Taylor Swift to pop grapes into her mouth in exchange for a 1989 World Tour cameo.

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