NRA Fires Back At Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Plan

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
After Hillary Clinton laid out her plans for taking on the NRA at a recent campaign stop in New Hampshire, the NRA fired back. According to the New York Times, the NRA attacked her platform to get tough on gun control, saying that if you read between the lines, her plan is really about taking guns away from everyone. “The real goal of gun control supporters is gun confiscation,” the NRA said in a statement. “Hillary Clinton, echoing President Obama’s recent remarks on the same issue, made that very clear.” At a town hall meeting in Keene, NH, Clinton expressed interest in a national gun buyback program like the one used in Australia, which led to the elimination of a majority of the country's firearms and resulted in stricter gun-buying laws. “I think it would be worth considering doing it on the national level if that could be arranged,” Clinton told the crowd about the buyback program, which some states have already implemented. She did, however, note that she didn't "know enough details to tell you how we would do it or how it would work." In their statement, the NRA said these comments from Clinton should strike fear in already worried gun owners and that her “extreme views are completely out of touch with the American people.” Clinton, however, doesn't seem to agree, choosing to speak about the need for stricter gun laws throughout her campaign stops. “I’ve been told by some, 'Quit talking about this,' to, 'Quit shouting about this,'” Clinton said earlier this week in Texas. “I will tell you right now: I will not be silenced and we will not be silenced — we must continue to speak out.” Clinton released a 60-second clip highlighting the need to politicize the gun problem in America using footage from President Obama's press conference after the recent mass shooting in Oregon.

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