The Bold-Brow Trend Just Got Even Crazier

Everyone is obsessed with brows these days. And now, they're getting even more attention. This time, it's not a new powder or accessory, but a skin-care product made specifically for your arches. The experts at blinkbrowbar have released a conditioning duo of day cream (made with shea and cocoa butters) and night balm (infused with evening-primrose oil).

“We all have a moisturizing routine for our skin, but tend to neglect the brows and skin underneath them," blinkbrowbar founder Vanita Parti said in a statement. "We have now produced something that has many natural ingredients known to promote growth, protect the brows, and moisturize both the brow hair and skin. A longer-term solution to healthier, happier brows."

Do you think brow goddess Cara Delevingne makes moisturizing her arches a part of her daily skin-care routine? It seems like an unnecessary step to us, but dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, agrees that brows — like the hair on your head — deserve some extra attention, especially if they're on the brittle side. Conditioning products can help hydrate and smooth, which aids in maintaining hair health. But overdoing it can bring more harm than good. "Over-moisturizing may actually promote yeast growth, as they like oily environments," he says. "This can lead to redness and flakes in the end, known as seborrheic dermatitis."

Kristie Streicher, creator of The Feathered Brow, suggests moisturizing before and after you tweeze. "I like the calming and soothing benefits of aloe and camphor for post-tweeze, and for pre-tweeze and everyday use I like argan oil because of its non-comedogenic nature," she says. "It helps to soften skin and [the] hair follicle, which can make tweezing easier and less irritating."

Only you can gauge whether you truly need to expand your ritual to items like brow oils, balms, or masks. But if you're on the quest for bolder brows, it can't hurt to try some of them out.

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