Rose McGowan “Hijacked” A Political Gala To Give This Impassioned Speech

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Rose McGowan is not going to take your political agenda sitting down — literally. McGowan stood up during a gala supporting bipartisanship in New Hampshire over the weekend to give a little impromptu speech about women's rights, integration, and equal pay. And luckily for us, she recorded the whole thing and posted it on her Facebook. "I've lived in 27 different states," she said. "I have a life filled with struggle. I am a small business owner. I am an investor. In short, I am an American." She went on to criticize the room for its lack of diversity. "And I do see nonpartisanship, but I've heard this stuff for years. For years!" she said. "And what I see in this very, very white room, which is shocking and leads me to believe that maybe you don't actually integrate with my America. And that breaks my heart because you guys are the ones that are supposed to be brave. And I believe every Republican voted down equal pay for women, right?" Before getting interrupted near the end of her talk, she summed up her speech with a few key points. "And I would say to you: 1) Get out of my body. 2) Equal pay for women. 3) Integrate! You cannot make laws for America without knowing it." Not everyone agreed it was a good move, but she's also taken to Twitter to defend her speech — and we would expect nothing less from the outspoken actress.

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