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Natalie Dormer Gets Asked Rude Question About Her Looks; Handles It Like The Badass That She Is

Dan Wooller/Rex/REX USA
Natalie Dormer is a strong, talented, smart, and fierce woman. If you had the opportunity to ask her a question and mustered up the courage, you'd probably ask her something like, "What's it like kicking ass in things like Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games saga?" or "What's it like dealing with the rampant sexism in Hollywood despite being so talented?" Right? Right. You definitely wouldn't ask her about how the internet is comparing her to looking like Denise the Pig on The Muppets? Right? Right. Except someone totally did during a Game of Thrones panel at New York Comic Con. Really? Really. Dormer, of course, handled it like the total pro that she is. The actress said that she had the GoT writers address her and her character's appearance in a lighthearted way. She admitted she used to get teased as a youngster for having a "piggy nose" and wanted to use it, not only as a good line for her character, but to work out some personal demons and address the bullies who tormented her. The Muppets comparison made Dormer wonder if she brought the comparison on herself by addressing it on Game of Thrones. "When I saw that Kermit's got a new girlfriend...I was like, 'Maybe I'm a bit responsible for that. I'm the one who brought up the pig subject in the first place,'" she said during the panel. "So that's the answer to your question," Dormer concluded, adding "I'd already made the comparison to my nostrils with a pig, so I mean I can't really argue about it then." In other words, she already had to deal with her looks on her own show, and now she's being scrutinized about them again on a show she's not even on. And you know what? What she looks like shouldn't matter on either of those shows, because she's talented and her star is only continuing to rise. Women in Hollywood deal with this nonsense enough and her "flaws" shouldn't be pointed out to her in front of a room of thousands of people. Next. Watch the full panel discussion, including the unnecessary Denise the Pig question, here:

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