Emma Stone Dances On A Boat In The Music Video For Will Butler's "Anna"

If Emma Stone rocking some Old Hollywood glamour aboard an ocean liner while (purposely) flailing around to music from Arcade Fire's Will Butler appeals to you, you're going to want to watch the video for "Anna." The song's '80s vibes are paired with 1930s aesthetics in the video directed by Brantley Gutierrez. The dancing, meanwhile, is all modern. It's a perfectly delightful hodgepodge, and Stone shows off her excellent moves, which are on par with her excellent lip-syncing skills.

If the manic, beautiful choreography seems a bit familiar to you, that's because you certainly know the work of its creator: Ryan Heffington. Heffington choreographed Sia's magnificent (and frequently parodied) "Chandelier" video, starring Maddie Ziegler. Given the ensemble nature of "Anna," it's hard to imagine its moves will catch on in the same way, but we'll still be practicing. (Heffington also choreographed the video for Arcade Fire's "We Exist" starring Andrew Garfield, who, if you haven't heard, has a connection to Emma Stone.)

The video is also Halloween appropriate, as it references a ghost story. According to Billboard, the video is "based loosely" on the Lady in White, a spirit that reportedly haunts the Queen Mary, where the shoot took place. Still, we can't say the video is exactly spooky. It's more like a hipster staging of Anything Goes, which is just fine with us. Watch it below.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article stated that "Anna" is performed by Win Butler, the song is actually by Will Butler.


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